Thursday, February 7, 2013

Grow - It's Never Too Late

Grow - One word inspirations by Lisa Morales

Definition of GROW

intransitive verb
a: to spring up and develop to maturity
b: to be able to grow in some place or situation
Grow - What a perfect word.  It brings to mind the infinite possibilities for creativity.  I have had an incredible year of growth because I have surrounded myself with wonderful, positive, artistic, people and because I have made a conscious decision to believe that if I send out good - good thoughts, good emotions, good vibes - I will only get good back.  Man, that stuff really works!  Here is a quote I love:
To me, the two most important words in this saying are "you choose".   So, if someone around me chooses to be negative, I choose to walk away.  When I hear those little doubt monsters in my head saying, "you're too old, not smart enough, not talented enough",  I choose courage to pursue my wildest dreams, and to open my heart and my mind, and grow.   

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  1. Wow Lisa this is wonderful. I love your word "grow" and the quote. I have seen your growth. You are very talented. Keep growing you are not limited.