Thursday, May 30, 2013

Painting the Human Canvas

I just returned from Florida where I was attending the Face and Body Art International Convention.  As many of you may know, I became a professional face painter a few years ago.  WOW - what a fun job!  Every week I have the priviledge of transforming ordinary children into super heros, princesses, butterflies and tigers.  What a wonderful way to make a living.

What do you do at a face and body painting convention you might ask.  You paint in the morning, you paint in the afternoon, and then you paint some more at night - sometimes until 2 am.  Something wild and wonderful begins to happen when you are surrounded  - literally surrounded - by creative people.  Have you heard the expression "greatness begets greatness"?  That's what happens.  You become a better artist just by being surrounded by great artist.  It's kind of like a great big gust of inspirations hits you non-stop for a week straight.  Crazy good!! 

Here are some high lights from the convention.  All painted with cake make up or air brush make up.  Pretty impressive!


A tribute to Angelina

That's me.  Painted as a sugar skull by one of the instructors.
There was even a surprise wedding between two of the instructors.
Tree man - the beginning....
And the final product

See all those people in the background. This is a "jam" where we all get together after daily classes and paint.   See what I mean by being literally sounded by creatives.
Stay Inspired, my friends!