Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sunday Best - A Series For The Sophisticated Baby

One of the things I keep reading about is how important it is for an artist to create work in a "series" - a collection of work with the same theme.  My work to date has been pretty scattered with single pieces that don't really connect to each other. So, I said what the heck.  I'll give a series a try. 

Next problem - subject matter.  What do I make?  I am the first to admit that my work leans toward the juvenile side.  That seemed like a good place to start.  Something for children that was a little quirky and whimsical. 

Here is my first series.  I imagine these pieces in a nursery or kid's room making children and adults smile and wonder.... where are these animals going all dressed up in their Sunday best.   Enjoy!

Oliver Owl

Ginger Giraffe

Priscilla Kitty

Fiona Fox

Beatrice Bunny

Prints of these pieces are avialable in my Etsy store here: