Friday, March 15, 2013

The ABC's of Genuine Happiness

The Genuine Happiness Challenge - I have had this little jewel tucked away in my computer files for a long time.  I ran across it the other day and decided to take a look at it again with fresh, new, joy-filled eyes; and, it smacked me right over my head and yelled, "This is IT."  This is my daily prompt, my affirmation, my way to break through the clutter of everyday negativity that is so abundant out there. 

26 letters in the alphabet - I have decided to take one letter a day and bring it into my consciousness.  I will treat it like shampoo instructions read, act, repeat - read, act, repeat.  I challenge you to do the same.  BTW - this came from  Here are the letters in review:

A - Accept your reality.  (In a good way - I am worthy, I am artful, I am deserving)
B - Be present. Be bold
C - Create something exciting ( LOVE this one)
D - Drink plenty of water.  Dance
E - Exercise daily.  Eat fresh foods
F - Feel your emotions.  Face Fear
G - Go outside and observe nature.  Give
H - Hug often.  Help others
I - Ignite your passsions
J - Jump through your comfort zone
K - Kiss passioately.  Keep looking forward
L - Laugh.  Love.  Learn to let go
M - Meditate daily.  Make goals
N - Never give up on what you want
O - Own a pet.  Observe beauty
P - Pray. Paint. Play an instrument
Q - Quit a bad habit.  Quiet your mind
R - Read.  Relax.  Reinvent yourself
S - Smile. Sleep. Simplify
T - Take power naps.  Talk wisely
U - Unleash your strengths
V - Vent.   Visualize your dreams
W - Walk.  Write.  Watch the sunset
X - Xerox your smiling face
Y - Yell less.  Yeild to your thoughts
Z - Zap negativity

Beautiful, isn't it. 

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Artful Journeys

I read a quote recently that went something like this:  "You don't choose art, art chooses you".  So, I guess I was chosen at an early age.  At 3 years old I took my first steps into art, performing art, as a chicken. 

Good Times!  I am grateful for my dancing days and all the things they taught me about disipline, determination, and working toward a goal.  I still love to watch performers of all kinds and I sometimes shed a little joyful tear as I watch their effortless grace because I understand what it takes to reach those goals. 

After my dancing days were over, I went on to other arty adventures including mosaics, stained glass, and now art school and mixed media.  What does it take to succeed in these endeavors?  Disipline, determination and working towards a goal - it's always the same rules and it applies to not only art, but to anything that means something to you.

During my stained glass days, I took some inspiration from the photo above to create this stained glass line drawing and window.

I consider myself fortunate that art chose me at an early age - even if it was as a chicken :).


Sunday, March 10, 2013

From Inspiration to Completion

Part of my master plan for this year was to create enough work to be able to apply for a few "real" art shows.  For the past six months I have been diligently working toward this goal - painting paper, ripping paper, placing paper - lots and lots of paper going down on the canvas.  Once I had completed about 20 pieces, I start to look at art show applications.  One wants you to submit work on a CD,  one wants a shot of your booth (full of art, of course), one wants to see your creative process from start to finish.  From start to finish?  Okay. I can do that.

First - the inspiration.  I usually go to my personal friend, Mr. Google, for this part.  I have an idea for a hummingbird.  I do a search which leads me to this: The fiery-throated hummingbird.  Mother Nature is a great artist, isn't she.

Next, I laid down some paper on my board - I work on two projects at a time.

Covered the papers with gesso

Then painted the background

Next, I made a special batch of paper with a pearl finish to match the iridescent feathers of the hummingbird

Tear and paste, tear and paste, tear and paste

Voila - It's done

Up close details

Now, back to the story.  I apply for my first art show with my collage work and, Holy Cow, they said Come on down, we'd love to have you.  How exciting and terrifying at the same time.  Do I have enough pieces?  How many days until the show?  40 days until the show.  Okay.  I can probably make 10 more pieces in 40 days.  I don't need to sleep or eat, right?

To be continued.....


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Circle of Friends

Recycled Circle - Houston Art Workshop Gathering
Social Media has been a huge stepping stone for me over the last year.  Last September I asked a collage artist to come to Houston to teach a workshop.  Wanting a way to communicate with a large group of people who were taking the workshop, I opened a page on Facebook just for the exchange of information about the workshop.  Little did I know that that one action would set into motion the creation of an entire community of like-minded, beautiful inside and out women, who have become my muses and inspirations in so many ways. 

Last week, several members of our group got together and made the project pictured.  We each made a collage circle with painted papers and then we cut the circle into four sections and exchanged three sections with other members of the group to create a whole new work.  Now I have a little part of those artist hanging in my studio in a piece that we created together.  Fabulous and FUN!

If you are looking for a special group to inspire you, join us on Facebook.  We are Houston Art Workshop.

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