Thursday, February 28, 2013

BIG Dreams

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I have been wanting to make this piece since the first time I saw this phrase.  I wish I knew who said it first.  I think it is brilliant.  When I really started to think about big dreams, I realized that fear plays a big part in artistic endeavors.  Fear plays a big part in every new endeavor to some extent.  But you can use that fear and turn it around.  Turn it into excitement.   Take a deep breath and start a new endeavor in art, in your personal life, and beyond.  So, here is a good question:  What would you do, be, become, if you knew that there was no way you could fail?  How big would you dare to dream if you knew that vision would absolutely happen?  The answers might surprise you.  I have had a little buzz in my brain lately that is telling me to organize an art retreat.  Now, that is a BIG dream.  But it sounds like fun - scary - but fun!!- overwhelming - but fun!!!  Why not?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Heart Has Wings

My Heart Has Wings by Lisa Morales - Available on Etsy

On this, my 45th Valentine's Day, I am so happy that I FINALLY chose to follow my heart and my art.  Why did I wait so long?  I have to ask myself every now and then.  But then I stop and realize that all the events that brought me to this day have been little lessons telling me that I can create my life any way I choose.  But the most important part of that journey was the day that I BELIEVED that statement to be true.  I remember the day - actually, I was face painting that day - and someone asked me "How long have you been an artist?"  An artist?  WOW - that is hard to declare to yourself.  I am an artist - I am an artist - I am an artist - I had to say it to myself over and over until it finally became real.  I am an artist!
It seems lately I run across pictures and art and quotes that fit perfectly with my life's path.  I think of them as little guide post to remind me to stay true to myself.  Here is a good one that you can use when you are ready to give your heart wings.

The Empowered Woman - She moves through the world with a sense of confidence and grace.  Her once reckless spirit has now found its place.  Quietly, yet firmly, she speaks her truth without doubt or hesitation.  And the life she leads is of her own creation.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Grow - It's Never Too Late

Grow - One word inspirations by Lisa Morales

Definition of GROW

intransitive verb
a: to spring up and develop to maturity
b: to be able to grow in some place or situation
Grow - What a perfect word.  It brings to mind the infinite possibilities for creativity.  I have had an incredible year of growth because I have surrounded myself with wonderful, positive, artistic, people and because I have made a conscious decision to believe that if I send out good - good thoughts, good emotions, good vibes - I will only get good back.  Man, that stuff really works!  Here is a quote I love:
To me, the two most important words in this saying are "you choose".   So, if someone around me chooses to be negative, I choose to walk away.  When I hear those little doubt monsters in my head saying, "you're too old, not smart enough, not talented enough",  I choose courage to pursue my wildest dreams, and to open my heart and my mind, and grow.