Thursday, February 28, 2013

BIG Dreams

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I have been wanting to make this piece since the first time I saw this phrase.  I wish I knew who said it first.  I think it is brilliant.  When I really started to think about big dreams, I realized that fear plays a big part in artistic endeavors.  Fear plays a big part in every new endeavor to some extent.  But you can use that fear and turn it around.  Turn it into excitement.   Take a deep breath and start a new endeavor in art, in your personal life, and beyond.  So, here is a good question:  What would you do, be, become, if you knew that there was no way you could fail?  How big would you dare to dream if you knew that vision would absolutely happen?  The answers might surprise you.  I have had a little buzz in my brain lately that is telling me to organize an art retreat.  Now, that is a BIG dream.  But it sounds like fun - scary - but fun!!- overwhelming - but fun!!!  Why not?

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