Saturday, November 29, 2014

It Was Just Wrong

"Step back - WAY back and take a look at it."  That is what my drawing teacher used to tell us in class.  Sometimes I forget those basic lessons.  When you are right on top of your work for hours you start to loose the "entirety" of the piece.  That is exactly what happened to these poor little grapes.

I thought they turned out pretty good until I hung them on my wall and started to look at them - from WAY back.  They were flat - dull - uninteresting.  So, down off the wall they came.  I added more paper in different values and added highlights to give the grapes more dimension. I like them much better now.

I also found a new button in my Photoshop Elements software.  The "tint" button.  We are quickly becoming best friends! 

"Step Back" - I wrote it on my work table so I wouldn't forget.

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